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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to attend this event?
Yes. There is a $10.00 per person charge plus credit card processing fee to attend an event. To register for the event please go to the city of your choice under the Events & Registration page. ​

Do I need to bring the ticket with me?
Yes. You must present your ticket at the registration table. Once your ticket is checked you will be given a colored wristband to designate the group you registered for and time frame you will be admitted. ​

Will tickets be available to purchase at the door?
No. Due to the limited number of spots for guests no tickets will be sold onsite. You must pre-register to attend an event.​

Can I register for multiple group timeframes?
No. Only register for one ticket per person for one group timeframe. Multiple timeframes per person won't be permitted to ensure all guests have an opportunity to meet the authors.​

When should I arrive for the event?
15 minutes prior to your timeframe to register. Please do not arrive earlier as most properties do not allow people to congregate on their property outside of the designated event space.​

Will there be books available to buy at the event?
Some authors will have limited quantities of books available to buy onsite. Guests can pre-purchase books and bring with them to the signing. ​

Can I bring my own books to the signing?
Yes you are welcome to bring books you already own.​

Can I bring my Kindle, Nook cover or Scrapbook and have the authors sign?

Will authors be accepting credit cards and cash as payment?
Yes but some authors may accept cash only. We recommend that you bring small bills so it’s easy for the authors to make change.​

Are there any other special events planned for fans or bloggers to meet with the authors other than the signing?
There are no other events planned. Authors may setup their own meet and greet events but they will not be directly associated with the book signing event.​

Are you accepting any additional authors to participate in the signing?
No. Current signings are full due to space limitations.​

I'm an author who isn't participating in the event but I will be attending as a guest. Is it ok to sell my books or give out swag while the event is taking place?
No. If you are not a registered author for the signing you will not be allowed to sell books or hand out swag during the signing. We recommend that you find an offsite location and schedule a meet and greet with your fans for a later time. ​

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